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  • Tomato and Vanilla Soup
70gms Red Lentils,
800gms Fresh Roma Tomatoes,
1 Shallot or small brown onion,
60gms Tomato paste,
Splash of Sherry vinegar or balsamic,
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil,
Brown sugar to taste to adjust seasoning at end of cooking time and after blending,
800mls Chicken stock,
Good grind black pepper,
1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Powder or scraped seed from 1 vanilla bean,
Thermomix version:
Blitz lentils into powder on speed 10 for 30 seconds, add shallot and tomatoes and chop on speed 7 for 8-10 seconds. Add remaining ingredients and cook at 100C for 16 minutes on speed 1. Adjust seasoning, you may need to add more vinegar if tomatoes really sweet and ripe or a little brown sugar if too tangy. Blend for 20seconds slowly increasing speed to speed 7-8.
No thermomix:
Blitz lentils in spice mill or powerful blender until powdered and set aside. Chop shallot and saute in a little olive oil, add chopped tomatoes and remaining ingredients, including powdered lentils. Bring to boil and them simmer until tomatoes cooked. Adjust seasoning with extra vinegar or a little brown sugar. Transfer to blender and blend to a smooth consistency.
  • Vanilla Braised Beef Cheeks
  • Vanilla butter
You will need to mix 120gm unsalted butter with 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla powder, roll into a log using cling film and freeze ready for use with white fleshed fish, scallops, lobster, marron or yabbies.
  • Grilled Snapper with Vanilla Butter.
  • Pear and vanilla frangepani tart.
  • Vanilla powder makes it so easy to sprinkle over other foods - in this instance these bananas are ready for dehydrating.

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Freeze Dried Organic Vanilla Powder 100g


Product Description

Tastebom freeze dried whole organic vanilla beans which are then milled into a fine powder. Each packet contains 25g of pure powder the equivalent of the seeds of 20+ whole beans. Excellent for applications where liquid is an issue, Tastebom powdered vanilla is the perfect alternative. 

Great for when you want more seed visible.

Use the powder in baking, biscuits, truffles, ganache, anything with chocoalte and even make your own vanilla extract.

To make your own extract, add 25gms of vanilla powder to a 150-200ml sized bottle or jar, add 80-100 mls of vodka and allow to infuse in a warm spot of a few weeks.   You can then sweeten with a  little agave nectar or sugar syrup (you need to dissolve the sugar before adding as will remain in its granular state otherwise).

Vanilla can also be used in savoury applications and Tastebom Vanilla Powder is perfect for making vanilla salt. To make your own vanilla salt add 1-2 tablespoons to 100 gms of sea salt, blitz in blender and allow to steep for a week or two. A small pinch of Vanilla Salt adds zing to desserts...only add small pinch though, try in a hot chocolate or with any chocolate dessert. Use with seafood for scalllop and lobster heaven. Here's a link to a recipe using vanilla salt, Vanilla and Lime Chicken Skewers from SBS's "Destination Flavour" : http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipe/15693/Vanilla-and-lime_chicken_skewers

Try vanilla in a savoury dish. Vanilla Braised Beef Cheeks is easy and a beautiful dinner party dish if you want to try something new and different. You will find the recipe under the recipe tab on the home page. 

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